What goes Inside Our Studio

Project Type:

Product Design

Project Title: 


Description: Living in a culture where plastic waste is a default, Wristletote is one step towards a sustainable future. A fashionable tote bag that folds up and becomes a wristlet/bracelet, it is one of a kind alternative to plastic bags. Designed for the commuter lifestyle it is conveniently within the arms reach for all types of errand. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it eliminates pollution by reducing the number of plastic bottles going for landfill. Its permanent pleated design provides expandable volume and thus is both functional and aesthetic. Its contemporary design, bright colors & compactness make it unique and fashionable. 

Project Type:


Studio Non-Sequitur

Hauz Khaz, New Delhi 110016


                        Embellished bridal wear design studio, Non Sequitur required our services for the designing of a bridal wear handwoven pleated dupatta for one of their clients. 

What we did:

                          Working closely with the client through the entire designing process(from weaving to pleating), we created a luxurious metallic textured pleated dupatta as per the specification of the client.

Project Type:

Interior Designing

Weaving Villa 

Textile Design Studio

Meerut 250002


                        Situated in an old traditional colorless city in India, the objective of this project was to create a studio space filled with creativity and colors. 

Designed by Hammad Abid.

Project Type:

Textile Engineering

Weaving Villa Studio 

Description: The idea behind this project was to create a customized mini-boiler and steamer in which a controlled environment can be created to heat set polyester fabrics for pleating which at least require a temperature of 150 to 200 degrees. After doing research and consulting with different engineers this design was created in collaboration with Surdex Steel, Meerut. 

More projects to come.....